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“WARNING!!! All Eggs One Basket….

You Are Headed Into Trouble….”

In today’s world, working alone is not enough to secure you and your family’s future…..

Having a passive source of income provides you with a better security while you do your “Thing”.

For many “Thing” is their profession or their business…..

Work on the sides on any type of opportunity which can make you “Passive Income”…..

MY style of Work… (“MYstylework”) is to “Trade” for passive income….

You may ask why “Trading”…..

“Do you know that “Trading” is the only work that anyone with any background can take-up within 3 to 6 months…. and I can say that you can become good at this unlike studying to be a “Doctor eg.” and still not being good at it after years of study and practice…. sorry “Doctors” out there… :P “

Next question…. why trade “Options”…..

Options is the best form of security trading which don’t require large sums of capital and can generate reasonable returns on a consistent basis…. does not require a “Bullish” or “Bearish” market condition to become profitable…..

Best of all it is a “mechanical” process…. that’s why I say anybody can learn it as the trading process is mechanical…. ie. defined processes ….

So it works for me… and many more people who research and tested this…. why not you?

MYstylework’s Mission

Like anyone else, I have gone through ups and downs to be successful…

Many people impart knowledge to help others accelerate their path to success by sharing experiences and knowledge….

I thank my teachers and mentors in teaching me “Options Trading”

Here I would also take their steps to reach more people to impart my knowledge and experiences…

Helping people achieve success is my next goal in life… to build a community which aspires to achieve and be successful in their own way!

The stock prices is hard to predict! It's like a flip of a coin if it goes up or down

The stock price movement is unpredictable. Have you come across any stock price movement that goes down when you were very sure it will go up because of news or technical analysis?

Are you frustrated that you have one win and 3 losses and not going ahead in trading options?

If you fall into this situation because you don't have a statistical edge and put yourself by chance to a coin flip!

The secret to any trading system is to have a statistical edge! if you have even 1% statistical edge, you are already ahead in your trading plan!

Do you know that you can decide on your statistical edge in Options Trading? You can structure your trades up to 90%+ probability of WIN!

Trade With High Probability Set-ups

When I first started trading in stocks and options, I tend to perform following the market. When market is up it is easier to make money but when market is down I lose money. How's that? Sounds familiar?

Many people invest or trade when market is good and exit or stay on sidelines when market is down. This creates an opportunity cost because market is up and down all the time! The best analyst can't predict it and only plays along with stories when it happens....market went down because of Covid, market went up because the "President" said this and that.....

What's the purpose you set-up a business? You want to achieve consistent and growing profits right regardless of market conditions if possible.

It is the same in Options Trading, you want to be profitable regardless of market and stock direction, but how do you achieve that?

The secret is by using the way how options is priced in the first place! It is a mathematical formula (eg. Black Scholes). So we use the same mathematical formulas to structure our statistical edge in our trades! That's the secret guys.

We impart knowledge to help you go where you want!

We are LIVE!!!. Our Flagship Training Programme “Income Generation Secrets”, a framework which will provide you with the knowledge to turn Options into an “ATM” generating you consistent income monthly.  This is suitable for people who don’t have the time & don’t have the knowledge as you will only need to follow the steps taught in the framework to succeed.  

If you are someone who wants to generate monthly income safely and spend little time doing or managing it, the “Income Generation Secrets” is perfect for you…


“I used the method from Mysylework since August 2020 and in 8 months, I generated returns of 18.6%, it’s definitely much better than conventional Fixed Deposits which gives less than 2% per annum nowdays”  ~ Chan

Who are we?

MYstylework is a Financial Educator specialising in training people Options Trading.

Our principal have been trained under the Best Options Gurus in the market and have build a successful Options Business generating a consistent four figure income monthly with limited capital.

In addition to what we have studied under our mentors, we have undertaken private research and studied options trading and mechanics behind the statistical pricing models and price histories and how the options behave and act in different conditions.

We have now applied to our Options Trading Business and built portfolios which consistently generate income for many and we treat these as our "Business" which generates double digit returns!

If you know "Businesses" only the best companies on S&P 500 generates an annual double digit net earnings ratio. And with Options as a Business, you get to generate this kind of returns even on a monthly basis if done correctly.

Here's an example how I structure my Options Business with different portfolios, each generating different kind of returns. Just like "Businesses" tech stocks we expect double digit growth and defensive stocks a low single digit return, we do the same if you treat your Options Trading as a "Business".

How much Returns?

It really depends on you?  Seriously!

Options Trading is so versatile that the returns expected can be structured to what you desire and your risk appetite.  After all, Options Pricing is a mathematical formula and for those who know maths…there’s always a secret to solving the solution!

We can guide you on unlocking the secret.  We have a programme to start you on the right track on Options Trading.  head to our Income Generation Secrets Framework, where we will train you to start your Options journey through our Flagship Programme.  Once you graduate from this Flagship Programme, your Trading Journey will not be the same as your learning curve on Options Trading would accelerate thereafter.  

I found it the hard way by taking on many Options trading strategy all at once and had a difficult time to understand and adjust the fundamentals of Options trading thereafter.

Hence, I crafted this Flagship Programme to start you right on the purest concept of Option trading and then you can continue your journey with us for more advanced strategies that can potentially generate higher returns.

It is always great to build a strong foundation before you stack further anything above it.  See you inside!!!


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